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Neighbourwoods North


Box 401
Owen Sound
N4K 5P7
( ON, CA )


Contact name: Meg Dean

Contact email: info@neighbourwoodsnorth.com

Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/

NeighbourWoods North see the tree canopy in Owen Sound and find inspiration and needs.

Owen Sound is growing which means areas are subject to tree loss even with the city's 2004 tree preservation policy for residential developments.  To keep Owen Sound and area's green canopy, we need to plant trees in areas that have been neglected, ensure new trees are planted in newly developed commercial and residential areas,  as well as preserving as much of the current canopy as we can.  Some areas developed before 2004 or commercial areas lack the trees we are so accustomed to in the older areas of the city.

Maintaining our existing green infrastructure is also important to the welfare of our city.    The city of Owen Sound has about 1000 Ash trees growing on city streets. it is estimated that there are in excess of 7500 Ash trees growing in the city’s parks and open spaces.   While Owen Sound does have an emerald ash borer management plan, there is simply not enough money to save every tree should an ash borer infestation become as severe as it is to the south of Owen Sound.  Apart from the threat of parasites, trees are subject to other pressures from storms, winds, traffic pollution, disease, construction, street widening, and interference by utility wires.

In 2007 the Owen Sound Field Naturalists recommended a tree cutting city by-law be enacted in line with many other municipalities which requires that the impact of removing mature trees on private property be reviewed and if removed and appropriate, an acceptable replacement be planted. To date, no such by-law exists.

Formed in late 2017 after a successful tree planting project at Kelso Beach, NeighbourWoods North addresses these needs through tree planting projects and advocacy.

Forestry Advocacy

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