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Great Lakes Commission


1300 Victors Way, Suite 1350
Ann Arbor
( MI, USA )

(734) 971-9135


Contact email: beth@glc.org

Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/

The Great Lakes Information Network, commonly known as GLIN, was originally developed by the Great Lakes Commission to serve as a regional information hub — a single place for people to find information relating to the binational Great Lakes – St. Lawrence region of North America.

GLIN began in the early 1990s as a Gopher server, the Internet technology of choice at the time. GLIN transitioned to using the “world wide web” as a primary mode of information sharing in late 1994, as the web gained prominence. In ensuing years, GLIN usage grew as the site filled a niche providing Great Lakes information, news, and events.

Now, as the web has evolved and grown, we’ve updated the most popular features of GLIN and transitioned their online home to the Great Lakes Commission website. The GLIN name is still in use on many of our email groups.

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