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Tapestry Community Capital


401 Richmond St West - Suite 240
M5V 3A8
( ON, CA )

(416) 977-5093


Contact email: info@tapestrycapital.ca

Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/

Tapestry Community Capital is a non-profit co-op that supports other co-ops and non-profits in raising and managing community investment. Since 1998, the Tapestry team has supported some of Canada’s largest social enterprises in successful community financing campaigns.

We believe in the power of community. Our role is to enable and empower local leadership to bring dreams to reality. With our support, you can focus on what you do best and feel confident that you will be able to unlock the capital you need to scale your organization.

We have worked with organizations across multiple sectors, from renewable energy to co-working, in raising and managing $61 million from over 3,900 investors. What do they all share in common? Like us, they are driven by a deep respect and concern for the environment and the communities they live in. Tapestry, and all our clients, strive to leave the world a better place.

We have the experience to help you structure your investment, the people to support your team to raise the needed funds, and we provide the back-office support to ensure your investors are managed reliably and professionally.

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