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Easy Farm


Lion's Head
N0H 1W0
( ON, CA )


Contact name: Pierce Pimiskern

Contact email: theeasyfarm@gmail.com

Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/

The Easy Farm is a small-scale, organic farm on the Bruce Peninsula, just north of Ferndale. We sell at the Lion's Head Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings, 9 AM - noon at the Lion's Head beach. Come say hello! 

Buy a share to help our small, local farm to start-up, plan and grow! In the spirit of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), your support helps us put spring seeds in the ground. Our model offers you more flexibility. Need to double up on salad mix one week? Take a week off the next? A Market Share gives you all the choice.

With your support, our goal is provide our communities with the best tasting, most nutritious and freshest food possible. The Easy Farm grows sustainable organic food in good conscience. 

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