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Seilern Farm


1161 Conc. 7
N2Z 2X6
( ON, CA )

(519) 396-3993


Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/

Our diversified farm is certified organic with Eco-Cert. The crops and livestock are rotated around the farm providing biological diversity and a rest for the soil. All animal manure is composted and incorporated back into the soil providing fertility and a closed nutrient cycle. This is the recipe for healthy soil, the basis of all farm production. We feed the soil and, in turn, it feeds us and our customers healthy, tasty food. Buffer strips and marginal areas provide protection for our crops and animals from chemical sprays. They also provide excellent habitat for birds and pollinator insects. We provide habitat for these species and in turn they set up camp here and become our resident pest control system, helping us to keep the farm in balance. 

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