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Eden In Season


138336 Grey Road 112
N4L 1W5
( ON, CA )


Contact name: Ivan Chan

Contact email: ivan@edeninseason.ca

Contact Keybase: https://keybase.io/ivanchan

Nature, like ourselves, is an abundant, self-perpetuating organism. Once healed and enabled to blossom, it not only provides us with a long-term food and income stream, it also builds the foundation for a living legacy that regenerates both our spirits and the earth.

Though we have chosen a life away from monetary richness, we choose to be enriched with a land base which is now providing beauty, abundance, healthier soil and ecosystem benefits. Maybe that sounds like your paradise... pure, healthy, forever fruitful, self-renewing, and thrives naturally in your landscape.

By integrating permaculture into your home, you can be assured we are committed to creating an enduring edible landscape that is ecologically sound, sensitive to your family's goals, and brings you year after year of enjoyment and health. We will walk through the 'hard stuff' with you and blaze your way forward.

 Why grow a forest garden of nuts, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms:

  1.     Enjoy nutrient-dense food that is beyond organic
  2.     Create a beautiful, bountiful landscape that feeds our bodies and spirits
  3.     Succession planting breaks the continual labour of plowing, planting, nutrient inputs, and irrigation of domesticated annual vegetables
  4.     Sun or shade, dry bluff or seasonal swamp, grow what naturally thrives
  5.     Provides multiple harvests, is self-maintaining, and buffers against weather extremes
  6.     The satisfaction knowing each year is easier and more abundant
  7.     Increase land value
  8.     Regenerate soil and ecosystem's services
  9.     Food and income security in an uncertain climate
  10.     Invest in an inspirational legacy for future generations

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