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Huron Fringe Field Naturalists


Box 143
N2Z 2Y6
( ON, CA )


Contact name: Christine Roberts

Contact email: roberts@hurontel.on.ca


To preserve wildlife and its natural habitat.
To promote a public interest in, and knowledge of the natural history of the area, for a better understanding of the value of our natural heritage.
To promote, encourage and co-operate with organizations and individuals having similar interests and objectives.

Projects and Initiatives

Our activities over the past few years have included:

Encouraging Bluebird population by building and maintaining Bluebird houses.
Assisting Ontario Nature with re-establishment of native trees and shrubs in the G.G. Newton Reserve (Goderich area)
Assisting with the Kincardine Annual Christmas Bird Count and MacGregor Point Provincial Park NABA (North American Butterfly Association) Butterfly Count – July

Habitat improvement and protection of nest sites for  Turtle conservation in the Lower Maitland Watershed.

Nature/Conservancy Festival Wildlife

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