How to be an Ally for Youth


Here is a copy of the slideshow prepared by Hanna Meili here


How can we help clear the way?

How can we support your activism?

How do youth stay motivated?

We heard from several young climate leaders on July 15th about the issues that concern them most, their experiences with activism, and found out what we can do to assist.... support their causes and let their voice be heard.
The goal was to engage in a solution-focused discussion and explore concrete pathways forward for youth and youth allies....

The Youtube video will be found here when ready.

Leigh Grigg - Georgian Bluffs CAT
Joachim Ostertag - CAT Owen Sound


Trascript of the Gathering Chat

19:10:35        From Danuta Valleau : For Anna: where do the plants come from for the pollinator gardens and how many are you involved in?


19:15:22        From Aidan Randall :


19:16:43        From Janet Pawsey : What are the main climate questions you are hearing from youth? What are the primary concerns?


19:18:45        From Nan (she/her) : Reduce is first


19:20:02        From Sibylle Walke : One area we can help all government levels in focusing on is protecting nature corridors and special places;


19:22:15        From Marilyn Struthers : How would you suggest local climate action teams could amplify your and other youth voices?


19:24:51        From Sibylle Walke : Having a youth voice on local presentations ,especially to smaller municipalities would be incredibly powerful. Amalgamated councils often function on a closed level. Nobody really follows the meetings. Nature corridors ,the protection of green spaces is a big issue in the light of the present development boom


19:33:22        From Danuta Valleau : for Hanna: what kind of project have you dreamed of starting ?


19:36:04        From Sibylle Walke : Thanks Hanna and Aiden and Anna for being so consistently engaged and telling us about


19:36:38        From Cathy Moore Coburn : Really appreciating this youth leadership. Thank you.


19:38:41        From Tobin Day : No grades! Just really happy to see you here, Chris.


19:39:10        From Nan (she/her) : I know Chris's mom. I love her project.


19:42:15        From Aidan Randall : Is anyone interested in regular outdoor meetings for Grey Bruce youth ages 15-25 to discuss local sustainability ideas, proposals for city council, community gardens and food sovereignty, and grassroots democracy? If you or anyone you know is interested, email me at

19:44:58        From Vivian McCaffrey : The white fish story is a very immediate one in our community and should always be part of any presentation to government authorities, at all levels. Thanks Chris.


19:45:53        From Sibylle Walke : Where are the spawning grounds of the whitefish and are they really hard to find now?


19:46:54        From Lee Papineau : All of tonight's speakers are very impressive. Thank you for trying to help find solutions to our planet's troubles.


19:47:08        From Tobin Day : Would any of the youth who spoke tonight be willing to speak to some of my grade 9 geography classes (OSDSS) next year? I've learned that my voice alone is far less impactful than hearing from multiple people, especially other youth.


19:47:21        From Jenny Carver : Great work Chris and very interested in hearing about the knowledge you have from your work relating to our local whitefish. Please share this with us if you can. Thanks so much


Eden For Our Environment


19:51:58        From Tobin Day : On page 16 of the COEO Pathways journal that just uploaded, you'll find an article about some of Owen Sounds first Friday for Future protests - the focus is how to be a good adult supporter for youth.


19:54:47        From Bob Gray : As youth engaged with the climate change action movement, what do you think adults should be doing to make things better?


19:55:32        From Lee Papineau : A good resource for pollinator plants is your local Horticultural Society..


19:57:50        From Lee Papineau : Do you find others in your age group as dedicated to finding solutions as yourself?


19:59:19        From Jenny Carver : How can we support your specific projects (pollinator gardens, local regenerative food systems, raising local awareness and inspiring action)? How can we inspire change together?


19:59:49        From Danuta Valleau : would you as youth leaders feel comfortable connecting with your local CAT (if there is one) to find support for your projects?

19:59:52        From Jane Hoy : be a door opener for youth. share networks and accompany, - shoulder to shoulder.


20:01:36        From Sandra J. Howe : Too all panelists: Do you see a spiritual dimension to the climate change question? How important is this to you?


20:01:59        From D. Lachance : Like many other global challenges, climate change is a consequence of other issues and from how we behave as human beings. Focusing on technical solutions is good but only affects the symptoms. How do you bring deep concepts such as global collaboration, oneness of mankind, respect for people and nature, selflessness and avoid the trap of “instant gratification” and materialism, self gratification, racism, nationalism, etc. so predominant in our societies? These are likely part of the root cause of problems leading to global problems like climate change.


20:02:06        From Aidan Randall : Fridays for Future Owen Sound is a local youth group that does strikes at city hall to demand action from leaders. For more information. email


20:03:18        From Jenny Carver : What has worked to motivate your peers and community?


20:09:54        From Hanna Meili 1. Bring climate issues/solutions up in conversations with neighbours, friends, and family 2. Focus on natural assets 3. Learning from each other and taking action on our knowledge together


20:14:39        From Sandra J. Howe : Unity is so key to all the challenging issues that humanity is facing. Thanks for all these voices that are speaking together!


20:14:46        From Aidan Randall : There was a good idea about youth speaking to a geography class. If you would like to talk about this email me


20:15:30        From Jenny Carver : I’m wondering whether we could call on these exceptional young activities for advice as we codesign projects going forward???


20:15:48        From Jenny Carver : activists...


20:16:45        From Climate Forum: Sign up for updates:


20:17:39        From Lee Papineau : I encourage tonight's youth leaders to join us older folks in similar pursuits. As a Horticultural Society member, I help people develop pollinator gardens and as a member of our local Climate Action Committee, I try to build awareness. Your participation in like causes is highly valued


20:18:00        From Jenny Carver : Right on Hannah! This is all of our work and action going forward!


20:18:49        From Tobin Day : Thank you to all the speakers - it's wonderful to hear your voices and ideas.


20:19:43        From Jenny Carver : Thanks to each of you and look forward to collaborating!


20:20:02        From Aidan Randall :

My cell phone # is 519-374-4682


20:20:02        From joachim Ostertag : I suggest we have another youth forum in the future and work on following up on all the great suggestions and provocative ideas


20:21:17        From D. Lachance : Thank you to all the youth demonstrating that they have tremendous capability and influence to change our world


20:21:25        From Eden Babbitt : Thank you for this amazing opportunity!


20:22:03        From Aidan Randall : Thank you everyone for listening!


20:22:16        From Hanna Meili :


20:22:27        From Hanna Meili : 437-350-0155



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